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UGG, this is a legendary brand, known as the integration of the round head straight fur
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Cheap UGG, footwear, clothing and handbags brand name, well-known trademarks.UGG brand story was born
in 1978.Brian Smith, a young Australian surfers, carrying a pocketful of sheepskin boots, began
his trip to the United States. Found in California surf camp set up his new home, was born the UGG
brand from now on.
Deckers is suing Corporation (Deckers Outdoor Corporation) in 1995 acquired UGG brand.By 1998 its
product line has been extended to the two boots, 4 slippers, and a few casual shoes.Formally in
1998, UGG first entered the world luxury shoe brands.UGG initial positioning is a high-grade
luxury brands, with advanced marketing strategy behind and high-end fashion as a support.UGG in
the high-end shoe brands has been known for comfort and the perfect combination of fashion.
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and more high-end fashion magazines began to frequent UGG brand UGG boots.Business continued
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the central city: New York.
In 2003, UGG successfully included in the annual brand footwear products.Now, in milan, Paris, New
York, any international metropolis can see the shadow of the UGG boots, and all this, is
originated in the sea of Australia.
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